Kate & Adam

Individual tastes can only take you so far.

If you get to the point where you know what you like and you like what you know, it is time to shake things up.  Our great new new adventure came in the form of sharing life [and a kitchen] with another person who has the same drive and appreciation for the good things…from the small things like seasoning the perfect dinner, to the big things like standing in awe of granite cliffs after a strenuous hike.

Picnic dinner above Yosemite last summer.

This is blog is about our journey trying new things, challenging each other’s flavors, and merging two kitchens to create something wonderful. We cook to eat. A somewhat rare phenomenon among food blogs these days….but I’ve always preferred authenticity over perfection. This is what real life tastes like, and we hope you cook and see for yourselves.

A little about us:

“We fell in love over food and adventures…” First words out of Adam’s mouth when he proposed. Cheesy? maybe. True? absolutely. The last two years have been a whirlwind of fun inside the kitchen and outside.

We had been capturing our culinary adventures in pictures and a food journal, but after much prompting from some of our favorite people we decided to share our fun on this blog.  [Although I still prefer Adam’s handwritten recipes]

Wine breaks on the dock

A little bit on how we met is in our first post but we recently celebrated our wedding outside under a big tree this summer, surrounded by great food and family.

We currently reside in a small mid century modern cottage near Somerset Michigan with our two dogs [Frank the Basset Hound and Baker the Bernese Mountain Dog] and the world’s smallest galley kitchen.

We cook for the fun of it and eat three meals a day outside if the weather allows.

Keep trying new things,

Kate & Adam

Recipe journal. aka old school food blog
Recipe journal. aka old school food blog
Adam cooking his way through dinners from our favorite dates the the night he proposed.
Dinner on our lake


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