Don’t wish for a life that’s too comfortable 

Don’t wish for a life that’s too comfortable.
Don’t pray for Internet that always works.
Don’t forget how good the sun feels and the air tastes long before it’s been conditioned for your mood or connivence.
Don’t design a life around coffee from plastic pouches and miss the smell of espresso mixed with flame and fresh air.
Don’t replace the water heater that requires you to go outside and face the sun before you face the day. 
Don’t try to settle cravings with meals you didn’t smell cooking or bread you didn’t see rising. Food can nourish far beyond taste if you slow down and let it.
Don’t praise houses with separate spaces and spend hours in the dark looking for connection.
Don’t count the things you could be doing when you can’t count the days you’ve spent on sweet nothings.
Don’t hang curtains to let you sleep a little longer when every fiber in your body wants to rise and fall with the sun.
Don’t miss the awakening that comes from looking at vast sights in exchange for falling asleep to tiny pictures on closely held screens
Don’t waste a day hurrying when you could enjoy a day lingering.
And most of all, don’t wait for every box to be checked in a life you don’t want before you decide to feel alive.
Be happy, do well, have things, travel far, but don’t wish for a life that’s too comfortable.

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