Grow up, but don’t grow past…

When you’re little you think growing up means growing on, growing forward, growing past… But here’s the thing, all those times they said don’t grow up too soon, they didn’t mean don’t grow in ambition, in personhood, in character, or in purpose…even if that’s what your rebellious heart heard at the time. 

When they said don’t grow up to soon, they meant don’t grow past what your roots could hold, don’t grow faster than their branches could reach, don’t grow higher than their limbs could support. 

As a restless soul myself, I can firmly say that even in moments of perceived stifling, we cannot blame the substance of their instincts. Every tree has experienced the same nervous anticipation of their seed blowing in the wind. What an altogether curious feeling that must be; watching as their seed dances past the fertile soil they themselves have come to rely on. It is hard for any heart to take. 

There is wonder in the unknown; yes, but there is also the unknown.
In fleeting, irrational moments I know that your once restless soul gives value – preference even – to the known, the secure, the simple, the predictable. But your soul stirs to quickly remind you that in your scattering seed your own roots delight. In your brief separation, your connectedness grows. In your nervous anticipation, your joy expands far beyond what you could’ve propagated in a life lived on your own. 

In your hard faced loneliness there is growth and beauty and eagerness created on both sides. There is nothing like being together. But with your job well done, there is nothing yet to gain except being apart. But just for a little while…. 

With so much love. 

Kate + Adam

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