Geography Changes Everything 

The biggest realization 17 days into this big [small], crazy new life is that geography changes everything. Your place has this extraordinary power to change your perspectives, your priorities, your actions, your trajectory. This is no small phenomenon. I’ve always had to LOVE where I live. I know this about me. Being consumed with school and grad school and work and more grad school and more work meant that home needed to be an escape, or at very least a safe harbor for my life to be in balance.  If a place didn’t give me that big happy sigh at the end of every day it wasn’t going to work. I’ve paid more to get out of leases and houses than I care to admit. But the amount of stress and chaos I could handle was always directly proportional to how peaceful and happy home was. Place has always mattered to me, and our last house was a great example of this.  

But what I didn’t realize is how much creating the perfect retreat was holding me back. While I’m certainly not saying this is the case for everyone, and I’m sure we’ll have other retreats of our own in the future, right now retreating is not the right direction for me. I need to go full force and full speed out into the world. 

Lucky for me, in the same way that giant sofa in your basement TV room will suck you in and underground everyday, the Airstream will push you out and into the world. Being inches from the outdoors on all sides broadens your perspectives and your horizons. Often in every direction at the same time. My eyes are so open now that the possibilities feel endless. And we haven’t really even begun to travel. I’m sure some of this has to do with the debt and responsibilities we have systematically shed in the last 12 months.  But a lot of it is place and priorities. When you simplify your life the trivial rises to the surface. There simply isn’t room. And once you start, it’s hard to stop at possessions. 

Time and energy become the ultimate units of value. It’s quite striking to me that what we decided to bring hasn’t been the eye-opener. It’s what we decide to do that has been the greatest epiphany. [More to come on this, I promise.]

Time is so much more finite and limited than space. Even – and especially – after moving into ~200 square feet. We can always buy another house. We can’t ever get this year back. 

I’ve been told I’m impatient. Sometimes that’s a compliment, most often it’s not. But it is something I like about myself and I’m glad I’m becoming more impatient all the time. It’s personal to me because of what I can’t get back from every day that isn’t moving in the right direction. I’m currently the biggest advocate of short term goals.  Yes, important things take time. But all the more reason I can’t sit still and have this day not matter, or be asked to take steps backwards without it giving me pause. And if that is a flaw I think it’s a beautiful one. 

This rainy day will be awesome, and so will the next, because we are moving forward. 

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