No promises, all commitment.  

We did it. We sold everything of value, hid some sentimental treasures with relatives, ditched all our “adult” investments and possessions (i.e. real estate, tenants, and housewares), and moved into our Airstream Lucy. Some have said we’re “homeless”, but I think our home is beautiful. Adam prefers the term “location independent” but I think we are free.

Free from mortgages, car payments, consumer debt, labels, and expectations. We don’t know what the future holds but it really doesn’t matter. For the first time in my life we are completely committed to the now. For some unknown universal (or American) reason, the present never seems to get the same amount of energy and attention as the past or the future and yet it’s the only thing we can do something about. Right now is all we have and yet we often spend so much time looking forward and looking back. Some rare, wonderful people among us are not cursed with this affliction. Some are able to be fully present. Or atleast commit the majority of their energy to what is in front of them right now. Adam is one of these people. I love that about him.

I find it no small coincidence that our first day full-timing in our Airstream also happened to be our first wedding anniversary. As I look at my simple vintage wedding band (that matches the style and vintage of the one worn by great grandmother and mother), I’m reminded of three things:

  • One: this love has existed and endured long before either of us. Trials and struggles and warmth and determination. Big and small things we will never know the details of are now the symbol of our own union.  80+ years of history now mark the start of our future.
  • Two: I’m married to a man that values commitment over promises. Something still so remarkable to me. When we were dating and living thousands of miles apart he didn’t ask for assurances before making the leap, he knew regardless of what our future held we should be together now. A year later when he asked me to marry him, he didn’t present a promise of a flashy engagement or hyperbole of what our lives could be, he went straight for the wedding band and all the quiet commitment that entails. That has meant the world to me. He lives that commitment out one action and one day at a time. Working in small, consistent ways in the present that all add up to building a big future. 
  • Three: I have learned more this year than I could possibly ever admit. Sitting here outside as the world grows dark around me, I never knew how much of my present I previously wasted on imagining a better future or reliving frustrations from the past. Being present often means being quiet when the world is so, so loud. It’s so easy to get swallowed up in the same old cliche’ stories, that you aren’t even sure are about you. And to quote a favorite movie, “you probably should be the leading lady of your own life.” But I know now that life doesn’t have to repeat itself, it can be new every day. But only if we are open to the idea of being new every day.

People have asked us where we plan to be going forward, but now you know we are only planning ahead as much as we have to. So far we have only booked campsites for the first six weeks of this journey, and have already canceled two of them to adjust our plans as the wind changes. We have promised ourselves that this is atleast a six month journey, but if you ask me now I’d say I’m past promises, and fully on to commitment. There is no where else I want to be.

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  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    Can’t wait to read the continuing chapters. Everyone has dreams and your lucky enough to be living yours. Enjoy every minute of it, life is short! Cheryl ( Baker’s 1st Human).🐾


    1. Kate + Adam says:

      Thanks Cheryl! Glad you are following along. And SO glad we could bring one of your big guys on our adventure. He is the best! (Don’t tell frank!)


  2. Love your blog. Our Alice is a 1966 Land Yacht – mostly in original condition with some upgraded systems and a kid’s bunk bed salvaged from another airstream. She’s been winterized and is siting at my parent’s house in Maryland awaiting our return from a year in Costa Rica. We miss her terribly and scheme to bring her or another airstream here. Happy Trails!


    1. Kate + Adam says:

      Hey, thanks for that! You’re travels sounds great too!


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