Deep breaths & baby steps 

We are supposed to be here in ten days. Ten days. With only one productive weekend left in between now and then. ….But the airstream is still in pieces, work is trying to call me back, and Adam has been so sick lately I’m not sure we’ll finish her to even a basic level of habitability. 

  The floors are out, there are no curtains, we haven’t tested the water systems, installed batteries or any of the other basics. The campground doesn’t have electricity or water and even to unhook her from the truck we need some power if we’re going to be there for a couple weeks. When we named our blog Life Without Waiting we knew it didn’t mean we could have everything we wanted right now, or even in the very near term.  A cancelled first campground reservation may be tangible proof of that. 

  But life without waiting isn’t about immediacy or even impatience, it’s about not waiting to take steps in the direction we want to go. Sometimes those steps are big and noticeable like towing home a 31′ Airstream, and sometimes they are small and go unseen like working the weekend on projects for the day job to free up time for long weekends later. Deep breaths and baby steps. This is what I keep telling myself.  Forward is the only goal. We have no deadlines. 

  So today I’ll be cooking comfort foods,  researching and ordering some missing parts online, and hopefully talking my my truly amazing handyman into getting some rest knowing a half-finished airstream in the driveway is closer to our goals than no airstream at all.

Wishing you love and rest,

Kate + Adam
Here are some pictures of the projects in process. Curtains, pillows, cabinet hardware, flooring, wallpaper. To remind myself (and you) how far we’ve come here are the before pictures. 

Deciding between fun hardware and chrome. I think I might go arrows in chrome and split the difference. 

Pillows for the day bed. 

  Flooring and cabinet colors. 


Wallpaper that will be in light grey in the bathroom, but with arrows pointing up for luck of course. 😉

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