Short-term Goals

Every time we round the corner and see her my heart skips a beat with possibilities. Can you seriously love metal this much? Though I’ve been pining after all the fabulous rigs and travel destinations online for years, I know that the Airstream is only half of it. It’s not just the shiny polish or the classic blue stripe and styling — she looks like freedom. Freedom to roam whatever road we choose, or freedom to stay and linger a little longer. I have no idea where she will take us but we cannot wait to get started.

We began this blog to advocate for short term goals. Not that I don’t love a good long term goal, but I don’t want to miss the life that is in us right now. We are no longer waiting until that mystical “someday” before we live the life we want. Adam and I have both, individually and now collectively, subscribed to the motto that “what you do today matters, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” It was important enough to weave into the vows we wrote each other and it resonates thoroughly in taking this next step towards adventure. That doesn’t mean we can have everything we want now, but it does mean we are moving toward that end all the time.

A professional friend of mine had the career I envisioned for myself: executive role at a relatively young age, soon to be an easy transition into retirement with still half a lifetime to live and a life savings to do it with…they also owned a fabulous Airstream. Last year I found out for a variety of reasons they have hardly been able to use her.  I hope them all the best, and while this is not a pity post nor grand epiphany, I find myself asking why we are so patient when it comes to the “fun” goals in our lives and in such a hurry with others. We set out to graduate in 3.5 years, have a masters degree or 2 by 25, buy a house,  make X by 30 and take out all the thousands of dollars in student loans to make it happen. Yet we rarely speak of adventure, travel, and life goals with such urgency. These things are relegated to a never ending “someday” list. Or a “when I retire” list or a “when I win the lottery” list…

 There is nothing wrong with these lists (I certainly have a retirement list as well), but often they are easy ways to push what we want out of the near term instead of taking risks and steps in that direction now. Sometimes impatient can be a good thing! (and I am the least patient person I know – just ask Adam). So here we go…
At first it started with a dream, then some research, an Airstream tour here and there, and a rented camper on our honeymoon. After years and months of dreaming,  we sold the car I had paid off from mileage reimbursements running like a crazy person for my last job. We “down graded” to an 1999 F250 four door with relatively low miles and rust to prove her age. While it would be great to upgrade to a newer diesel “someday” for now she will certainly tow our dreams.

We also went out on a limb and posted a “make me move” price on Zillow for a house I bought 10 years ago when I thought that was the next step in being an adult – before I had a clue what adulting really meant.  Trading an income property that might pay itself off someday for a hell of an adventure now, seems like we came out on top.

Checking the Airstream classifieds every morning and night for months also brought the perfect (and perfectly priced) Airstream into our lives at just the right time. The dear people we bought her from took great care of her and were so gracious to us in the process. We are more than grateful.

 We don’t know yet where we’ll take her or where she will take us, but we are not waiting to get her ready in the meantime. Renovations are underway and we are spending every minute after work and on weekends preparing to chase this next big adventure.

Happy travels,

Kate + Adam

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Before picture tour of our 1984 Airstream International 31

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  1. kyriegle says:

    So awesome! Excited for you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate + Adam says:

      Thanks Kyle! We cannot wait to get her finished! First campsite reservation is 5 weeks and counting


  2. Mustang says:

    OK, so I think you found her a name: Risin’ Wind ! (…and can this theme song be installed on the horn of the truck (or some silly projection unit? just for fun :o)

    Liked by 1 person

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