Baker’s before photo tour

Baker helping with the tour of our ‘new’ 1984 31 foot Airstream International. He looks just about as happy as I do to finally own one of these monsters! For scale, Baker is currently about a 110 pound year old Bernese Mountain Dog…and still growing! Between him and Frank [the basset hound] we decided to go big so we could all live here for weeks at a time.
 The exterior is in great shape with a few dents here and there but no major issues or holes. The previous owners – very lovely people who had her since 1994 – stripped the clear coat from the whole trailer and polished about half of it before having to stop for health reasons. They were kind enough to give us all of the polishing supplies and I’m sure Adam will have her completely shined up soon!

We have a doorbell! Who puts a doorbell on a travel trailer?! No idea why we need one, but it’s quirky and wonderful and about my favorite thing heading in the front door.  Baker just leaps inside while the steps are reserved for the fat basset hound who quickly finds his way onto the original couches.

Living area with fold down coach and chair. There is a good sized (4 person) dinning room table that folds out of the wall on the left and a side table the folds out of the wall on the right. There is also a TV table with storage in the corner to the left of me. Original carpet through out. One thing I love about this model is the wrap around windows in the front and three other large windows in the living area – currently hidden under heavy curtains, shades, and window boxes but have huge potential to make this area bright and airy.

The front couch folds into a large bed, which Frank has decided is the only good thing about camping. [That IS his happy face, I promise.]

Looking back down the hall, there is a 3/4 sized propane / electric fridge across from a four burner stove and double sink. There is also a seperate pull out countertop under the microwave cabinet for extra counter room. Kitchen space was hugely important as we plan on taking our foodblog on the road! [All the previous “Merging Kitchens” recipes and posts are still here under Cooking in the main menu.]

The kitchen is good sized for a trailer but we plan to knock that right wall out to add more counter space and a desk.

The back ‘bedroom’ is another pullout couch they previously left down with a mattress on top. As much as the boys would like to claim this for their own, we will be removing it to make room for a desk / more kitchen space.

The opposite side has tons of storage, a little counter with a window and two full length closets on either side.

The back bathroom also has his and hers wardrobe closets with a mini bath tub with bench on the left and toilet and built-in laundry hamper on the right. [have I mentioned how much I love these little quirks?!] The tub is too small for a human but may come in handy for these monsters or wet gear on occasion.

The bamboo wallpaper and faux marble beige counter is not really my thing, but the bathroom has a ton of light with a large window and more overhead and under counter storage than the master bath in our cottage so we should be all set with a little updating.

Big changes coming soon, but in the mean time here is a look at the design boards I put together. Cannot wait for the transformation and to get out on the open road!

Stay adventurous,

Kate + Adam

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Kitchen and work area:
   Living room with daybed:

Material options: 

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