Basil Blueberry Limeade

Sunshine makes everything better.

What is it about being outside with the sun warming your face that makes flavors clear and full of life? While we tend to like all seasons around here – even the snowy ones – there is nothing quite like a refreshing summery drink on a hot day. How we got to mid-August already I have no idea. So I guess that means it is time to drink up the sun and this limeade while we still can!


Basil Blueberry Limeade

Our love for lounging on the daybed on our deck starring at our overflowing herb garden often results in sporadic, interesting mixes of “spa water” [aka “water with stuff in it”] ranging from the basic mint to more exciting things like lemon balm, basil, chocolate mint, pineapple sage, raspberries, blueberries and others.

This particular idea started with a beautiful non-alcoholic cocktail from the Jolly Pumpkin (in Ann Arbor and Traverse City) and after a few questions from friends about the concoction, I decided to figure out the recipe and this has now evolved into a new summertime favorite.

Per glass:

  • 1 sprig mint (3-4 small leaves)
  • 3-4 basil leaves
  • Blueberries (fresh and local, but I always toss a pint into the freezer for things like this)
  • Lime juice to taste (2-3 teaspoons), fresh squeezed or Nellie and Joes Key Lime Juice is good too.
  • 1-2 teaspoons sugar
  • Cold water & ice

Not a lot to this one, just muddle the sugar, mix and enjoy. 

If you are like Adam and like to eat herbs straight, tear the leaves in smaller pieces to release some more of the flavor (and so they are easier to eat while you drink this.)

If you are like me and don’t exactly love to eat and drink in the same gulp, leave larger pieces that won’t fit through a straw. 

Grab the weekend paper and a beach towel and head to the dock!

Kate & Adam

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