Campfire Burgers

Challenge: go cook dinner outside! image

Not on a grill, with a million trips back and forth into the kitchen….just grab a handful of simple ingredients and make a fire like the good ‘ol days.  We tend to be wood charcoal snobs as it is, but there is something so flavorful and satisfying about cooking over an actual campfire. It was such a lovely day (first kayak trip of the year!) that we decided to cook and eat by the lake, with just our cast-iron grill pan and a ceramic ramekin [that we risked loosing to the fire]. Simple food never tasted so good.

Campfire Burgers

  • Local ground sirloin, gently formed(very gently flatten a section bit of sirloin – form the edge by lightly pressing the edge with your thumb around the edge while very lightly pressing down on top with a finger or two – the less you work the sirloin the better), generously salted and peppered (salt until you see it on top of the sirloin – if will feel like too much but most of it will burn off)
  • Sourdough baguette slices, toasted
  • Baby portabella mushrooms quartered, cooked in butter on the coals
  • Avocado slices
  • Melted Brie [its what we had, blue cheese would have been better]11071931_10100206430593384_6290545430259150133_n

Enjoy with Marshmallows for desert. Kate & Adam

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